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Intel EVP talks about transparent computing

by on12 September 2012

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HTML 5 commitment

Renee J. James, Senior Vice President General Manager, Intel Software and Services Group kicked off the second day keynote at the IDF talking about software.

We won’t go into all the details, we will leave some for the iPhone 5 after party, but Renee spent quite some time talking about HTML 5 and Intel’s commitment to it. Renee also mentioned that HTML 5 started off on the wrong foot but he hopes that things can get and run better with the help of Intel. Intel came up with the "transparent computing" concept can harness HTML 5 to make applications that will be platform and OS independent. It wants to see applications working on iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, iOS simultaneously and it plans to invest a lot of money into this area.

Microsoft wants to make HTML5 big with Windows 8 and and it's the future, no doubht about it. The demo that Intel showed introduced an application that works on Ultrabook, Android or other platforms. The way that app works is that you walk by a certain point of interest, like a Union Square San Francisco it can automatically remind you that you need to get to a store and buy some fine chocolate for your loved one.

You can make a social geotag on an Ultrabook with GPS and you would be reminded of the task on your Android, iOS device when you pass that certain point. You can also post such a picture on Facebook, tweet and make the whole world know  where you are. It looks interesting.

Renee also demoed HTML 5 Chinese learning application that looks nice as well as some music application but it’s clear that after the failure with operating system hint. MeeGo, Intel thinks that it can do well and help the application word to make a transparent computing where everything works on everything.

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