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Former Intel bloke sentenced to three years

by on10 August 2012

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Stole trade secrets, went to work for AMD

Former Intel employee Biswamohan Pani has been found guilty of stealing company secrets and he will have to do a three-years prison stint for it.

Pani stole chip design and manufacturing documentation that’s took an estimated $200 to $400 million to develop. Interestingly, he did so just after announcing his resignation and prior to taking a job with AMD, so we’re not sure whether to call it cunning or just plain daft.

He pleaded guilty to wire fraud back in April. He will do three years in federal prison and two year probation, in addition to a $17,500 fine. AMD claims not to have known about Pani’s plan and the company cooperated with investigators.

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Last modified on 10 August 2012
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