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Advertising outfit accuses Facebook of click fraud

by on31 July 2012


Claims they are "scumbags"

Continuing in what appears to be a steady streak of bad luck, antisocial social networking site Facebook has been accused of click fraud and extortion methods by advertising outfit Limited Run.  

Limited Run claims that 80 percent of the clicks they paid for were from bots. Apparently, the company tried different analytics tools but got identical results.

The company refrained from directly accusing Facebook of using bots to boost ad revenue. However, it found the matter quite strange, even more so after unsuccessful attempts to contact Facebook.

It is also quite angry with Facebook over not letting it change its name, and it apparently took many tries to even get a call back. Limited Run claims Facebook agreed to allow the name change, provided the former spits out $2,000 or more in advertising monthly.  

Limited Run expressed its frustration in no uncertain terms. It said the company should delete its page because Facebook is a bunch of “scumbags” and Limited Run doesn’t “have the patience for scumbags."

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Last modified on 31 July 2012
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