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Should we XP or Vista?

by on22 April 2008

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Stick to the tried and true, or not?


It’s a heated debate these days, as some users are petitioning to keep XP around, whereas some analysts claim that Vista will make up 94% of global operating systems this year. What we need to do is just make up our minds on which OS is actually better. Do we really want Vista or is it being forced on us?

Yes, Vista will catch up, but let me remind you of one thing that I can’t stress enough – game publishers do not charge for betas, they’re tested, and tested again, until minimum requirements for pleasant gaming are achieved, and only then the game is released. And yes, I do know that there are numerous exceptions to this, since release versions are still worked on to fix some minor/major issues, but such releases are always frowned upon.

Microsoft, on the other hand, sells you a “fully functional version” (don’t you just love this phrase?) of an OS, so you get to pay up before you become a nice responsible user that will gladly help Microsoft in doing what they should have already done themselves – test their fricking OS!

 I remember installing XP when it came out, only to remove it a couple of days later. Why? Because it simply wouldn’t run my apps the way it should (or at all, for that matter). It was pure “eye-candy” and I reverted to Windows 98 in order to actually do some work. Oh yeah, and to this day I still use the “classic” Windows look.

So, Vista is here now, and to my eyes it’s nothing but a big bully trying to impose itself on as many systems as it can in order to get more beta testers. We, the end users, should not be so easily led to believe that these companies care about anything else but their “fully functional” bank accounts. XP will be forced out in order for you to do Microsoft’s job, because after all – no one does it better than your customers (just ask Creative).

By the time Vista catches up, XP will have been forgotten like its predecessors, but until that time comes, I’d like to do some serious work on a “fully functional” OS. Yeah you heard right, serious work, as opposed to staring at your screen and standing in awe of a revolutionary feature that allows you to see through your windows, while it makes you go out and buy more RAM in order to enjoy it some more. We might as well sacrifice brain tissue to see more shades of blue.

Oh yeah, and the next time you’re at the car dealer, ask him whether they offer any “fully functional” cars. The salesman’s look will tell you exactly why I laugh every time I hear that phrase.

Last modified on 22 April 2008
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