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Arsonists target Microsoft building in Athens

by on27 June 2012

Thought Angela Merkel was there

A group of ingenious arsonists attacked Microsoft’s offices in Athens on Wednesday morning. Assailants drove a van through the front door and set off an incendiary device, damaging the building’s entrance.

Authorities claim no advance warning was given and so far there has been no claim of responsibility, either. Luckily, no injuries were reported in the attack. Arsonists apparently packed the van with camping gas canisters and several containers of gasoline, the Washington Post reports.

However, if you thought the attack was carried out by militant Linux leftists or radical Apple fundamentalists, this was probably not the case.

Greece has been experiencing similar attacks by small groups of anarchists and domestic terrorist groups for decades. The country’s recent economic woes have only exacerbated the problem and more and more radical nutters from the both the far-right and the left fringe of the political spectrum seem to be emerging from the woodwork.

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