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Intel sticks with Centrino Wimax 6250 until Q2 2013

by on13 June 2012

No new Wlan for notebooks this year

Intel is sometimes reluctant to embrace new technologies right away. Namely, it still clings to WiMax, a standard it helped develop, which somewhat lost the battle against LTE, the real 4G internet.

Nevertheless, Intel thinks that Centrino Advanced N + Wimax 6250 in 2x2 configuration is the answer for the high-end Wireless market. We're talking about an 802.11 AGN adapter codenamed Kilmer Peak and one can easily spot that Intel isn't planning on supporting the new 802.11ac standard and much higher speeds at least until Q2 2013.

There won’t be any new Wifi card to fit this need and we are surprised to see that Intel still resists making a combo Wifi card that incorporates 4G as well. They have the means to do it, but it probably won’t be ready this year. Intel will do 4G on phones and tablets but with a next generation processor, which is scheduled for next year.

The alternative to Kilmer Peak in the WiMax and Wifi role will be 1x2 BGN Kelsey Peak, but since these are notebook Wlan cards, we doubt that you will have freedom of choice. As these things usually go, manufacturers simply end up using what they think has the best price performance ratio.

Last modified on 13 June 2012
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