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Asus Transformer 600 first official Windows 8 RT tablet

by on08 June 2012

Qualcomm and TI yet to announce

Computex is slowly drawing to a close and so far we haven’t seen a lot of Windows 8 RT (ARM) tablet announcements, especially not ones based on chips other than Nvidia’s Tegra 3.

The one that caught our eye is the Transformer 600, as it shows what the future Windows 8 RT tablet has to offer. Its fast, it works well and it looks pretty much finished, at least according to our colleagues at Engadget.

Texas Instruments with its upcoming OMAP5 chips and Qualcomm with its S4 series dual- and quad-cores offered some technology demos but no one has show off any actual product based on these chips. This kind of backs up some rumors that we are hearing from Taiwan, claiming that Tegra 3 will end up in quad a few RT tablets and that there will be a few more design wins other than the Asus Transformer 600.

Qualcomm and Texas Instruments might be struggling with drivers, this is what we heard a while ago, but let’s hope that we can see some S4 and OMAP 5 based tablets around October 2012, the launch date of Windows 8 RT. There is plenty of time left to sort out any driver issues.

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