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Western Europe sees decline in PC shipments

by on11 May 2012

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HP top, Lenovo fastest growing

The seers from Gartner have reported a decline in PC shipments in Western Europe for Q1 2012.

Apparently, the region saw 15.5 million units shipped in Q1, which makes for a 3.1 on-year decline. The professional PC market slipped by 2.5 percent in Q1, but shipments of Windows 7 machines improved the demand somewhat.

The consumer PC marked a 3.8 percent on-year decline while mobile shipments slid by 5.1 percent. Desktop PC shipments grew by 0.3 percent.

Unsurprisingly, the countries that took the worst were Portugal, Greece, Italy, and Spain. Gartner attributed the downturn to popularity of smartphones and tablets. We don’t think rounding up the four makes you think about smartphones and tablets, but hey, we’re not analysts either.

UK apparently reported an increase with 3 million units shipped in Q1 - a 2.4 percent on-year increase said to be fueled by strong all-in-one sales. Shipments in France were at 2.7 million units, a 3.9 percent on-year decline, although Windows 7 availability, education and public deals meant some good news.

Germany’s 3.3 million units make up for an increase of 7.1 percent on-year. Despite being number one overall, HP has lost the number one spot to Acer there.

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