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Microsoft rolling more advertising for Xbox Live

by on26 April 2012

15 to 30 second spots coming to TV and Video apps

Microsoft will be rolling out TV style advertising to the TV and Video streaming apps on Xbox Live. With Xbox owners continuing to increase the amount of time that they use their TV and Video apps on Xbox Live, it is only natural that Microsoft will attempt to cash in and drive more revenue from the platform.

The 15 to 30 second spots are already set to run within most TV and Video apps on the platform. While Microsoft spins the news as a good thing for advertisers who will no longer have to choose between TV and digital advertising, the reality is that Microsoft has earned 142 percent more from advertising revenue since 2010; so it is no wonder that they want to continue to make more money-selling advertising.

Despite the objections of many, the steady stream of advertising content on Xbox Live appears to be increasing and it isn’t going away any time soon.

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