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Haswell 1-chip platform to bring even thinner Ultrabooks

by on12 April 2012

1H 2013

Haswell 22nm will come in at least two different Shark Bay 2013 platforms: one with two chips, CPU and chipset and second one as a 1-chip platform. We have already mentioned this here.

We got some additional information as the 1-chip Shark Bay 2013 platform will enable new thermal design points that deliver sleek innovative form factors. This happens only with Shark Bay 1-chip platform as this one will obviously have lower TDP than the 2-chip variant. Intel mentioned touchscreen enabled Ultrabooks that will be introduced later this year with Sandy Bridge and Chief River 2012 platform. In some discussions last year, Intel also mentioned that convertible designs are on its roadmap for this year.  Intel will share more details about the 1-chip Haswell 22nm Shark Bay 2013 platform at a later date.

Intel is aware that Windows 8 and Android are both going to challenge traditional notebooks and x86 tablet roadmaps in second half of 2012 and especially in 2013 when Windows 8 gets stronger support. Haswell and Shark Bay 2013 will be Intel’s second generation of 22nm, while the ARM alliance slowly but surely starts its migration to 28nm.

Intel also mentions all-day battery life strategy, but we got this cleared once before. This means 8+ hour as a definition of a whole day for Intel is an 8-hour business day. It is as if Intel doesn’t have a lot of people working overtime, yeah right.

Last time we checked, a day is 24 hours, at least on our planet, courtesy of Sol.

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