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GlobalFoundries celebrates 250k shipments of 32nm wafers

by on22 March 2012


32nm yields are now a problem of the past

On Wednesday, GlobalFoundries announced that its Fab 1 plant in Dresden, Germany has successfully completed a milestone of shipping 250,000 wafers based on the 32nm High-K Metal Gate (HKMG) process to AMD in just about one year's time. The fabrication giant ultimately claims that it has exceeded customer shipment requirements and any 32nm yield-related issues are now a problem of the past.

globalfoundries dresden germany 

GlobalFoundries Fab 1 plant in Dresden, Germany 

Yet the most interesting fact we took away from this announcement is that GlobalFoundries' overall 32nm production ramp has significantly outpaced its previous 45nm technology ramp. In the past five quarters, the fabrication giant has produced more than double the amount of 32nm wafers than it did with 45nm process technologies, despite the integration of significantly more complex elements in 32nm process technologies.

“In just one quarter, we were able to see more than a doubling of yields on 32nm, allowing us to exit 2011 having exceeded our 32nm product shipment requirements. Based on this successful ramp of 32nm HKMG, we are committed to moving ahead on 28nm with Globalfoundries,” said Rory Read, AMDs president and chief executive officer.

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