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Seagate rolls out new ultrathin 2.5-inch FreeAgent drive

by on10 March 2012

500GB, USB 3.0, 7200rpm, 9mm thick

Need a thin and speedy external drive to go along with your shiny new ultrabook? Seagate’s got you covered with a new 500GB FreeAgent GoFlex Slim drive.

Yes, the name is too long, but the spec sheet is pretty impressive, too. The new drive features USB 3.0 and unlike most external 2.5-inch drives it is a 7200rpm unit. The new 500GB unit has yet to hit retail, with a €129 price tag, but if you can’t wait last year’s 320GB drive is on sale for about €80.

The drive measures 124x78x9mm and weighs 160g, but we’re not sure about the design. It won’t match most ultrabooks on the market, and since ultrabooks are aimed at fashion conscious consumers, this could be an issue.


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