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Sony to be last to announce PS4

by on31 January 2012

Feels no pressure to release anything

Sony’s CEO in France, Philippe Cardone, has been quoted as saying that Sony is “under no pressure to launch new hardware.” While rumors suggest that Sony has been developing and perhaps even testing things while it thinks about the future, the reality is that Sony apparently will be the last to announce and release something new.

With Microsoft already ramping up and talking to developers about its next generation console, many Sony fans have expected Sony to be doing the same thing. Many believe that the rumors and talk should have been more of a driving force for Sony. With the Nintendo Wii U on the shelves for the holiday season it is easy to understand why everyone wants to see Sony as well as Microsoft act.

While Microsoft has confirmed in a number of ways that they will not have a new console till at least 2013, sources continue to tell us that they expect some sort of an idea of what to expect at E3 this year. This is much like what Nintendo did last year. However, as with Sony, don’t expect Microsoft to be taking their cues from what Nintendo is doing.

Sony believes that they have all they need from their current generation PS3; and neither the PS3 nor the Xbox 360 has made the significant price cuts one would expect prior to the arrival of a new console. Industry sources, however, believe that a round of those cuts are coming and will be in force this holiday season.

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