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Halo 4 beta invites are fake

by on20 January 2012

Websites giving away access are phishing

Microsoft is warning Xbox gamers that web sites claiming to be giving away access to the Halo 4 beta are a sham, and likely do nothing but phish for your information. 343 Industries David Ellis warns of these scams in a recent twitter posting.

As of right now Microsoft has announced no official plans as to what or when we might expect a Halo 4 beta. (That is, if there is going to even be a beta at all!) While Halo 4 is due for release later this year, very little is known beyond that as to what Microsoft’s plans are.

With the popularity of Halo, it is not surprising that someone would try to cash in on Halo’s popularity to use it for no good. As always, be diligent on who you share your information with; and if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

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