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Microsoft & Datel settle lawsuits

by on06 January 2012

No details on settlement released

Datel and Microsoft have apparently settled their differences and both companies are ready to move on. The initial lawsuit was filed by Datel when Microsoft moved to block Datel’s flash memory units from working with the Xbox console after a Microsoft-deployed system update. Later, Microsoft filed suit against Datel claiming that their third party controller too closely resembled the official Microsoft Xbox 360 controller.

While details have not been released as to the nature of the settlement, the only thing we know is that the both companies are satisfied with the outcome of the settlement. There is no word of Datel will be producing any additional offerings for the Xbox 360 console or not.

Datel has had some innovated offering for the Xbox 360, so we surely would like to see them continue offering new accessories that were officially certified by Microsoft. Let’s not get our hopes up, but it should be nice.

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