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AMD new official roadmap on February 2nd

by on13 December 2011

Financial Analyst Day 2012

Rory Read is currently one of the biggest riddles in the industry. AMD’s new CEO has already cut several head in AMD’s sleepy organisation and he apparently wants to make some big changes.

Read wants AMD to become more competitive, bring the roadmap on track and make money. Of course, this is what every exec wants to achieve, but it seems Read is wasting no time in taking some drastic measures. 

He will officially reveal the new plans on February 2, when AMD is scheduled to host Financial Analyst Day. This is the day AMD needs to reveal what happens with Krishna and other 28nm Fusion parts, what gets cancelled, what gets replaced and what comes when.

It probably won’t go into many details, but it will give us a hint at AMD future plans and what to expect in 2012 and 2013. This is something that financial and press communities need, in order to realize in which direction this ship is sailing.

Rory Read has been awfully quite since the day he was appointed CEO, and we know very little about his plans at this point. We did hear that some partners think that he is a man of action, but others are skeptical of his ability to pull this off. We will see some new things at CES but we expect to see the full roadmap on February 2nd, mid of Chinese New Year 2012, the year of Dragon, three years after AMD introduced its Dragon gaming platform.

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