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Rumored Apple iTV is likely

by on29 November 2011

Will offer Siri support at the core

The rumors of Apple entering the HDTV market space with its own interactive TV offering seems to be much more likely, as our sources claim that Apple is close to unveiling its offering.

The rumored iTV (as we are starting to call it) will apparently be introduced in the first quarter. The iTV will be an HDTV with 1080p support and will integrate the technology from the AppleTV directly into the actual set. In addition, the iTV will be Siri powered and have the ability to respond to voice commands in the same way that the iPhone does.

The iTV will use Apple’s cloud storage abilities and it is expected that the iTV will not be offering any type of DVR support, but will offer a number of streaming options in addition to rental and sale of content through the iTunes store.

Sources believe that the first models will be offered for sale in the Q1. It is likely that they will use LED technology and be offered in two different sizes. No word yet on how much they will cost, but we expect it will not be cheap. It is also said that the iTV will support limited casual gaming, but not much gaming support beyond that.

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