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Sleep texting on the rise

by on21 November 2011

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Living in cell-phones takes toll

Although sleep texting may not sound like a disorder, it turns out it really is. Although many new age disorders were cured in the past by a simple slap from one parent, this new one will probably remain immune to that “cure”.

Sleep expert Dr. Marcus Schmidt claims that sleep texting is on the rise. Indeed, teenagers tend to cling to phones in order to perform their age-old meaningless rituals of talking without actually saying anything. The test subject, 16-year-old Elizabet Hammonds, started texting her friends in really strange hours. The messages rarely make sense and to make matters worse, she does not even remember it.

Dr. Schmidt said that four out of five kids sleep with cell phones in the bedroom. He added that sleep deprivation can trigger common motor behaviors, such as grabbing the phone and texting someone. He pointed out that these kids get stuck in “no man’s land where they're not really fully awake, but yet feel the need or urge to be able to respond to that text message". Well, it’s not like their motor behavior will make them read a book, will it? 

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