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Nintendo to sell branded SD card

by on18 November 2011

8GB/16GB SDHC cards are officially licensed

Nintendo is releasing a new batch of Nintendo-branded SDHC cards in 8GB and 16GB sizes. The cards are Class 4 offerings that are officially licensed and recommended for use with Nintendo systems that use SD cards.

Besides the fact that they carry the Nintendo logo and they will satisfy the need for a larger card (if necessary), when Nintendo is not using their own branded SDHC cards to bundle with the 3DS, why should or would you pay the higher price for them? (Nintendo includes a Toshiba card with the 3DS.)

We suspect that the cards will be popular with those that don’t know better and simply buy them out of convenience. Normally, not a week goes by where you can snag high quality branded SDHC cards on sale for less than the Nintendo offerings. If you can do without the logo, this is what we recommend.

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