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China censors terms related to "occupy" movement

by on24 October 2011


Nip the spring in the bud

China Digital Times verified a list of keywords banned on Sina Weibo microblogging site’s search.

The Chinese opted for a combination of the word ‘occupy’ and a host of major Chinese regions, cities and towns. So, searches reading ‘Occupy Shanghai’ or ‘Occupy Tianjin’ will not be displayed among the results. 

We’re pretty sure this will do squat to stop people from rebelling if they indeed want to, because these methods never yield results. On the other hand, who are we to stop the Glorious People's Republic of China from having a bit of fun with its people’s freedoms – after all, it's not like many countries in the world are any different.

More here.

Last modified on 24 October 2011
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