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Dead Island console patch coming

by on24 October 2011

Deep Sliver refuses to commit to date

Fans of Dead Island know that another patch has been in the works, but no actual release date has been committed to for the patch release or the console or PC versions of the game. While Deep Silver says that they will hurry, they want to be cautious to get it right with the patch, rather than just pushing a bad patch out for the sake of getting something released.

Players are putting significant pressure on Deep Silver to release a patch that addresses a number of the issues the game has. While the developers have been hard at work, they just can’t commit to a specific release date at this point. They promise to provide more information as soon as the patch is ready to drop; and in the meantime, players just need to be patient.

The most recent patch for the PC version of the game (which brings the game up to version 1.3) addressed a number of problems with the PC version of the game, including some rather nasty issues with instability and making the quests a bit smoother.

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