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Google+ not doing that well

by on11 October 2011


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60 per cent never come back

Google+ has lost 60 per cent of active users since the programme was opened to the public on September 20 and it looks like those who visit the site only do so once and never come back. Word inside the Googleplex is that the outfit can't work out why it is not doing well in the social media arena.

Web analytic firm Chitika claims it is because Google+ is too similar to Facebook and does not stand out enough. This is despite additions to the social media tool, including new +1 buttons next to all Google search results to help increase the connection between Google's search function and Google+ and the introduction of 'hangouts' section of the Google+ site.

But basically there are only a certain number people that like social networking site and right now, despite anger with Facebook, they are all headed there.

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