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Sony confirms Vita to be region free

by on20 September 2011

As suspected, but an excellent move
As we told you in the past, we had been hearing rumblings that the upcoming PlayStation Vita would not be region locked; and Sony has confirmed that this will be the case. This means that playing import titles will be possible, as a Vita game plays on any Vita console.

Even with this news Sony is recommending that those wanting a Vita don’t import one from Japan when they become available before the North American and European releases. Apparently there are just too many small issues that really don’t make importing worth it.

Memory card prices for the Vita have also been confirmed, with the 4GB cards going for about $30, the 8GB cards will set you back at a little over $40, the 16GB cards will cost you a little over $70 and the 32GB cards will cost $125. As we told you previously, these cards can only be used in the Vita unit.
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