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Intel CEO promises phones in 2012

by on14 September 2011

Medfield based
Yesterday Intel announced that it officially supports Android for phones, tablets and just about any other sort of device. This includes Android for phones, Android for tablets as well as Ice Cream Sandwich that should unite these two.

Intel has repeatedly stated that its Medfield architecture will find a way to phones, and it is expected that this happens in 2012. Medfield was also demonstrated in a tablet, again expected in 2012 when this 32nm SoC reaches maturity.

Reference design phone is currently running latest Android for phones, probably 2.3.6 if not some future beta.

Intel said in the press release that this joint initiative to enable Intel architecture on Google products includes Chrome OS, Google TV, and the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and Native Development Kit (NDK).

So as we said many times this year, Intel supports Chrome OS and the first devices launched do use Atom CPUs, Google TV use Atom CPUs and the phones and tablets of the future based on Intel architecture will run some sort of Android.

Nothing really surprising, but it’s official now.
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