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All Nvidia ARMs in Windows 8 preparation

by on02 September 2011

Geforce notebook guys on it
Rene Hass, notebook general manager at Nvidia, has a new addition to his responsibilites. Windows 8 and ARM support is a big thing for Nvidia.  This is why Tegra Windows 8 driver division got assigned to Nvidia’s notebook group.

The notebook group took over the Windows 8 driver development bit for both Tegra and Geforce chips, which sounds interesting and makes sense at the same time. Both Geforce and Tegra chips need drivers for Windows 8.

Nvidia wants to be ready with Windows 8 drivers on both fronts and Rene believes that Nvidia has a slight advantage over its main tablet competitors, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments.

The advantage comes from the fact that Nvidia had developed many Windows drivers before for Geforce chips. Qualcomm does have ex-ATI team and Adreno graphics, but these guys are from mobile ARM division that probably didn’t work much on Windows driver development.

Windows 8 should be demonstrated once again at Microsoft Build conference and Nvidia expects that demos will again be running Tegra chips. Microsoft should probably spill much more details about operating systems that might be something that can lure enterprise customers on tablets or similar touch devices.

Oddly enough Intel’s IDF 2011, Microsoft Build as well as Qualcomm conference all starts at the different places but at the same time, September 13th.  It will be definitely an interesting day to follow, no doubt about that.

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