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Prison officials ask Facebook to disable inmate accounts

by on30 August 2011

Facebook: Lets your PC do the stalking
The Washington State Department of Corrections has approached Facebook with a rather unusual request. The department wants the social networking giant to suspend all accounts used by inmates currently serving time in the state.

The California Department of Corrections reached an agreement with Facebook to take down inmates’ profiles earlier this month and Washington wants to do the same. It is worth noting that inmates aren’t allowed online, but they still manage to smuggle in phones and ask family and friends to tend to their Facebook profiles while they are incarcerated. However, this is a direct violation of Facebook’s user policies, since the outfit does not allow anyone to use another person’s account.

So far inmates did not resort to Facebook for any criminal activities and they just used Facebook to stay in touch with their friends and family like everybody else. However, one inmate in California apparently used Facebook to track down his victim. We are not sure if he friended the victim.

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