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More info comes to light about WiiPad

by on15 August 2011

More than a controller with a touch pad
The WiiPad for the upcoming Nintendo Wii U will be more than just a controller with a touch pad as recent patent information reveals. It will offer the touchpad and controller buttons as well as a camera that we know about.

Some of the more interesting additions appear to be the “magnetic sensor” as onboard “flash memory” in addition to the CPU and internal memory within the WiiPad. Some are already theorizing that the magnetic sensor could allow for the touchless input in a number of different ways.

What seems to be certain is the fact that the WiiPad can do a lot more than meets the eye and could provide a number of interesting ways for the device to be used. We will have to wait and see what developers come up with. While the wait and see game is no fun, we can say that some of the possibilities could be very different from what we have seen in other consoles on a number of fronts.
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