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Nintendo admits 3DS could have been better

by on11 August 2011

Needed more and better games and eShop at launch
Nintendo is apparently seeing the error of their ways with the launch of the 3DS; or at least American Nintendo America head honcho Reggie Fils-Aime thinks he knows where it went wrong.

Looking back in the 3DS launch here in North America, Fils-Aime identifies the lack of games and no eShop at launch as the major factors with the system that didn’t sell as strong as it was capable of. Additional 3rd party titles could have helped.

Fils-Aime thinks that Nintendo has learned from their missteps with the 3DS launch and is going to start building momentum again with their recent price drop. In addition, the upcoming release of two of the biggest titles for the platform should also help, as well as Super Mario 3D Land arriving on November 13th and Mario Kart 7 to hit shelves on December 4th. The holidays could be good for the 3DS and, of course, it helps that Sony’s new handheld will not be anywhere in sight in North America till next year.

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