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Shadowgun to bring FPS to tablets

by on08 July 2011

Already this summer
It’s no secret that the iPad 2 has way superior graphics than Tegra 2 and other ARM chips and this is exactly why Nvidia hopes to have Kal-El Tegra 3 out in a tablet already by next month, August that is.

Still, Tegra 2 still has quite a lot of life and it beats at least the most popular gaming phone around, the iPhone 4. Since Nvidia has The way it’s meant to be played a partnership program where Nvidia works with developers to make games look better on Nvidia and sometimes even on other platforms. Of course, they want Tegra 2 games to look as best as possible.

This is what will get you a Shadowgun, a quake-like multiplayer shooter with quite gorgeous graphics, and we’ve seen some of the best graphics so far in a game. We played the demo for  a while and we can tell that it looks awesome and runs just fine on Motorola Xoom, Asus Transformer or Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1.

We took a few pictures of the game and sources said that the game is expected to launch this summer. Pictures are below and the game works quite well even in multitasking environment, together with other apps.


Last modified on 08 July 2011
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