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Windows Phone starts to regain momentum

by on04 July 2011

25,000 apps, 17 percent of market in 2012
Microsoft’s fledgling Windows Phone operating system seems to be regaining momentum after an underwhelming launch.

Developers appear to be embracing the new OS and the number of apps is steadily growing. The Windows Phone Marketplace currently lists more than 25,000 applications, a major improvement over 18,000 listed in May and a meagre 4,000 in December. Despite the positive trend, WP7 is still a long way behind Android and Apple in terms of app availability.

This is a very positive development for Redmond and potential consumers. In fact, some Windows Phone 7 handsets are nothing short of bargains and you can get a very nice device such as the HTC 7 Trophy for under €200.

Analysts now project that Windows Phone will manage to seize about 17 percent of the smartphone market next year. Android and iOS share also expected to increase by 2 and 1 percent respectively, at the expense of Symbian and Blackberry.

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