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Schafer confirms they have Psychonauts

by on16 June 2011

Publishing rights revert to Double Fine
Tim Schafer has confirmed what we had already told you yesterday, which is that Double Fine has obtained the publishing rights to Psychonauts. Additional revenue generated from the title on an on-going basis will not be headed to Double Fine going forward. (We wish that they would take any money they make and put it in a jar on top of the fridge at Double Fine to help pay for the sequel!)

Now that publishing rights are again secure, Double Fine can start really pitching the possibility of a sequel to Psychonauts. Schafer has again stated that any possible sequel would take publisher paying the way to make it happen.

The news is good, and honestly we think we are getting one step closer to a sequel; it is just a matter of when and which publisher will step up and make it happen. We can’t think of a better project to bankroll than this one, as it will do much better this time around.
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