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New platform development is already in progress

by on27 May 2011

Sony sidesteps any additional questions about it
Sony has apparently already started developing a new platform, despite a number of firm denials that the company was considering a future platform. We are now hearing that development of a new PlayStation console was in the works.

During a call with investors, Sony VP Masaru Kato let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. While no details were announced about the PS4, the fact that they are working on it is at least some good news. We believe that the news is to temper the enthusiasm of Sony fans that are excited about the upcoming announcement by Nintendo of the successor to the Wii.

Sony still has to get the NGP platform into release; and of course, the company still believes that the PlayStation 3 has not hit its full potential. It does seem, however, that taking the time to start talking a PS  4 might be something the company needs right now. With all of the negative press surrounding the issues with the PlayStation Network being down, this news is perhaps what customers need to hear to stay loyal to Sony.

What Sony is planning for E3 this year is still up in the air. While we expect an announcement of the launch of NGP, not much else is really know so far, other than a few titles that we are likely to see. Given the fact that it is already looking like Nintendo and Microsoft are bringing their “A” game, we expect Sony to do the same with a number of exciting announcements.
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