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Intel extends lead in semi market

by on20 May 2011

Samsung, Tosh, TSMC and TI in top five
According to the latest semiconductor shipment figures, Intel has managed to extend its lead over runner up Samsung.

Intel shipped 44 percent more chips than Samsung and its total shipments rose a staggering 25 percent year-on-year. Samsung’s Q1 sales jumped by 15 percent, while Toshiba and TSMC ranked third and fourth, with 10 and 18 percent of year-on-year growth respectively. Texas Instruments managed to stay in the top five, but just barely, as Renesas is closing in.

Qualcomm ranked in tenth place, but it reported 22 percent growth year-on-year. Broadcom also did well, ending up in 11th place with 25 percent growth. AMD ranked 12th, with 2 percent growth.

Nvidia ended up at the bottom of the ranking, with a six percent drop in sales. In addition, Sony lost 14 percent, Elpida dipped 31 percent and Infineon dropped six percent.

Overall the top 20 semiconductor companies reported an 11 percent increase in Q1 2011 compared to the same period last year, largely in line with expectations. All in all, mobile chipmakers had a pretty good quarter, while memory makers showed a lot of weakness.

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