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Apple tells US Senate it won’t track users’ locations

by on20 May 2011

Senators still concerned
Apple has told a US Senate hearing that it has never tracked users’ locations, nor does it have any plans to do so in the future.

Apple VP of Global Affairs Catherine Novelli told a senate subcommittee that the company wasn’t interested in tracking users’ locations in an effort to dismiss privacy concerns raised in recent weeks. Apple claims that a database of Wi-Fi hotspots was misinterpreted as a map of track of user movements. In keeping with a time honoured tradition of lying to lawmakers, Oliver North was scheduled to testify on Apple’s behalf, but he couldn’t make it due to a schedule conflict.

Google reps also testified before the subcommittee, discussing the outfit’s third-party app policies. Google stressed that it could not control the behavior of third-party app developers, or how their apps handle location information and other private details.

Also, we made the Oliver North bit up.

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