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Queen Elizabeth II launches Facebook page

by on08 November 2010

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Queen Elizabeth II has launched a fan page on social networking site Facebook. The page will feature news videos and photos of the beloved monarch as well as news feeds. The page will also feature the daily circular, the official daily record of royal activities, originally created by King George III in 1803.

Users will also be able to take part in discussions and comment the Queen's pages. This is not the first time that the British royal family has dabbled with the interweb. It has joined Twitter, Flickr and set up a YouTube channel.

Although Facebook is known to impact productivity, this should not be an issue for royalty, as they hardly do anything. Otherwise they wouldn't be royalty. At least the British royals are held in high esteem both by their fellow countrymen and the rest of the world, as they are actively engaged in numerous charitable drives and other quite noble activities.

We can only imagine why certain Asian and Arabian despots don't feel the need to communicate with their beloved subjects in such a manner.

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