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PSP thief arrested after trying to sell it to owner

by on05 November 2010

They don't make thiefs like they used to
Japanese fellow Masashi Osawa's "theft" will definitely stay up there with the most foolish attempts at making some quick dough, as he was arrested after stealing a PSP and trying to offload it onto its original owner.

While scouring an electronics store parking lot, Twenty five years old Osawa noticed a PSP and a few CDs in one of the cars. He then broke into the car and took them, but his next move was a joy to behold.

We’re not sure what he was thinking, but it appears that Osawa saw it perfectly reasonable to go to the electronics store and try to offload his “newly acquired” goods. Unfortunately, the clerk apparently had suspicions of the items being his and after inspecting the car, he realized that they indeed were.

The police came and arrested Osawa, and we have a strange suspicion they were laughing all the way to the station. We know we would.

Last modified on 05 November 2010
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