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Asimo celebrates 10th birthday

by on01 November 2010

For he’s a jolly good robot…
Honda’s Asimo, the robot you might recall conducting the Detroit Symphony Orchestra's performance of Impossible Dream, has turned 10 yesterday. While we’re sure there would be no cakes, we thought it would only be fitting to recap how it did so far.

Asimo’s childhood was very much your ordinary robot’s childhood. He learned how to walk and run on various terrains, climb stairs, interact with objects, recognize faces and even respond to simple voice commands, something that some humans still have difficulties with.

As Asimo got perfected, opportunities arose and the pinnacle of his achievement so far is that he managed to conduct an orchestra piece, quite a daunting task at this “tender” robot age. Unfortunately, his batteries last only 20 minutes, making some longer pieces way out of his battery league.

In the future, Honda plans to fine tune Asimo’s AI, a human equivalent of which would be sending it to boarding school. We’re not sure about whether Honda has plans for making Asimo a mate; God knows that it wouldn’t take much work on the AI but the speaking apparatus would have to be somewhat louder. We do however see why this would be a lousy move as Asimo’s 20 minute battery would make for a pretty strained relationship.

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