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Are HD ports of classic titles of value?

by on27 October 2010

Might not deliver enough value to consumers
Are ports of classic titles that have been remastered in HD for the Xbox 360 really what customers want? This is a question being asked these days at Microsoft as more classic titles are re-done in HD and adapted to the Xbox 360 platform.

With many customers already still owning the original version of the game, it is hard to know if these new HD versions deliver enough value to the consumer at a price that they are willing to pay. According to a number of whispers that we have heard, classics that have been remasted in HD and released on the Xbox 360 have had mixed results when it comes to sales.

It seems however that despite the questions about the actual value it delivers to Xbox 360 owners, a number of company are still headed in that direction. Sega for example claims that requests for versions of Dreamcast catalog to be remasted in HD for the Xbox 360 continue to drive their efforts to bring more of their classic Dreamcast library to the Xbox 360. Of course this has driven plans by Sega to continue to release remastered versions of classic titles.

With Xbox Live support being discontinued for the original classic Xbox, it does open a door for developers to perhaps offer new HD conversions of classic Xbox titles that are complete with multiplayer support. Sources tell us a number of developers are considering this very thing, but some are questioning how successful these conversions might be, but it looks like it is hit or miss from where we sit. At least for Microsoft it does not look like HD remakes will be a focus despite what Sony has been doing.
Last modified on 27 October 2010
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