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Move already sells a million plus

by on22 October 2010

Demand and sales better than expected
Sony is now confirming that the PlayStation Move is actually selling much better than expected and, in fact, the demand for the add-on is actually ahead of initial projections. After only being on sale for 30 days with only a small number titles available for the Move, Sony is reporting that over 1 million have been sold in North America and over 1.5 million have been sold in Europe.

The demand for Move is so strong, in fact, that some retailers we have spoken with are out of stock and don’t know when they can expect more product to show up. “We sold all of the Move product that we had in the first couple of days and re-ordered right away, and we have still yet to receive any additional product from distribution,” one retailer told us.

Sony is apparently aware of the difficulty retailers are having keeping product in stock and are working to get more product into the channel. Sources tell us that Sony is privately telling retailers not to worry, as they will have plenty of Move product available for the holiday season. Sony also is said to believe that they will meet the sales targets that they have for Move.

Still, software is the big issue; but the faster than expected adoption rate should help stimulate the desire of developers to get onboard. Of course, Sony still claims that a number of Move titles are in development and are still targeted for release this holiday season, with more expected during Q1 and Q2 of 2011.
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