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Kimble Operations buys MyWorld

by on28 September 2010

Hetherington wants to get the title to market
Finally, the buyer of Realtime World’s MyWorld project has come to light. A number of sources are now confirming that a deal to purchase MyWorld has been cut with Kimble Operations. Kimble Operations is headed by Ian Hetherington, who is a former chairman at Realtime Worlds.

According to those claiming to have direct knowledge of the situation, Hetherington is a long-time industry veteran who was a co-founder of Psygonsis, which released a number of popular titles over the years. Whispers have always linked Hetherington to the purchase of MyWorld, but apparently he didn’t want to be linked to the purchase publicly.

While about 23 developers are said to still be working on MyWorld, many developers formerly on the MyWorld team are at least glad to see the project continue and move forward. A good number of the developers that worked on the first Crackdown game started working on MyWorld once the Crackdown project was moved. Some of the Crackdown technology was used to develop MyWorld, which stands to reason, since it was many of the same developers working on both projects.

It is currently unknown what the plan is to get MyWorld out the door or when it might be ready for release. In fact, we don’t think anyone knows if MyWorld even has a publishing deal or what the game plan is for the title. With Hetherington wanting to keep a low profile, we don’t really know what to expect. Work apparently continues and we expect that an update will be coming at some point soon.

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