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Best Buy to sell iPad at all stores

by on15 September 2010

Could be in response to adding Kindle
Best Buy has confirmed that they will be adding the Apple iPad to their inventory in all U.S. stores. The news isn’t really surprising, considering that the company has been a partner with Apple for some time; and Best Buy recently announced that it would be offering the Amazon Kindle for sale this holiday season.

The iPads will be available in all U.S. stores starting on September 26th. The company has decided to stock both the Wi-Fi and 3G configuration, which is perhaps a bit of a surprise considering the additional cost that the 3G models tack on to the price tag of the iPad.

The news is good for Apple, as it hopes to move more iPads heading into this holiday season. Surprisingly, the electronic book craze seems to have started to blossom and many analysts seem to agree that the iPad has had an impact on the growth in this market space.

In addition to the iPad and other eBook readers, a number of other tablet options are in the pipeline from a several other sources. Apple might be feeling the need to grab as much of this market share as quickly as it can before more competitors move into this space; and there is no better way to do this than to get the iPad into more mass market locations such as Best Buy.

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