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Why not jailbreak your PS3 with a calculator?

by on07 September 2010

No, we’re dead serious
Jailbreaking PS3 isn’t quite news – we’ve seen it done before, but what we’ve seen today really tickled our weak geek spot. Yes, a user cracked its PS3 with a calculator.

A selection of videos at Gizmodo shows various ways of getting your PS3 jailbroken, including doing it via Nokia N900 and Palm Pre devices, but we never thought it would be so simple a calculator could do it. The last video shows a TI-84 Plus calculator happily chewing through the PS3’s “defenses”.

All devices use different variants of PSGroove and it is no wonder that Sony isn’t one bit happy about this. On the other hand, who cares about Sony – all you need is love……..and a calculator.

You can find the aforementioned videos here.

Last modified on 07 September 2010
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