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LG to reveal 31-inch 3D OLED display at IFA 2010

by on31 August 2010

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World's thinnest OLED at 2.9mm
Today, Korean manufacturer LG has confirmed it will be showing off the world's thinnest OLED display at the 2010 IFA Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin early next month. According to the press release, the panel will measure 31 inches and will support both 2D and 3D display modes, with 2D mode running at a 600Hz refresh rate.



Judging by its aesthetic value and ergonomic form factor, the LG prototype 3D OLED display could make for a nice LCD desktop monitor replacement for those with very large wallets. By definition, OLED displays are based upon individually luminescent light emitting diodes which don't require the backlighting associated with LCD displays. As such, this LG prototype 31-inch OLED display measures in at a mere 2.9mm thin. The display technology provides higher brightness levels than LCD and plasma and promises significantly more efficient power consumption. Yet, the biggest drawback to market penetration over the past several years have been the high costs associated with organic LED technology. If LG can successfully ramp up display production throughout 2010 and deliver a wider product showcase by the time CES 2011 rolls around in January, the company could hold a significant marketshare advantage over its rivals in the ultra-thin display segment.

Although the technology is impressive, LG has not officially commented on any retail pricing suggestions for its prototype design. As CNET pointed out, the company's 15-inch EL9500 OLED TV is currently on sale in the US for $2500. Based on this number, it is easy to infer a price value of $5000 or more for the 31-inch 3D OLED prototype. Of course, this remains speculation that has yet to be confirmed, but the ballmark estimate hints that this display is designed for the elite consumer electronics crowd.

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