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Microsoft leaks IE9 screenshot

by on27 August 2010

Microsoft Russia has released a screenshot of the new Internet Explorer 9 and we can happily report that there’s not much to report. In this case it’s more about what’s missing, than what’s there.

The UI has apparently undergone an massive overhaul and it looks a lot cleaner, simplistic even. Actually it looks quite a lot better than the 8, as most of the menus appear to be hidden. My Favorites? Nowhere to be seen. History? Who needs it, just browse ahead and don't look back.

Frankly, it looks quite a bit better than the old version and we can only hope that the UI will be simple and intuitive, but it’s still a bit too early to say.

On the tech front IE9 should deliver a few new features and improvements, including optimized JavaScrip implementation and HTML5 support, CSS3 extensions, Direct2D and support for H264 video.

Microsoft is expected to out the beta version on September 15.

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