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Foxconn drops safety nets, organizes worker rallies

by on20 August 2010

Red costumes, song and dance
Foxconn is showing the world that it’s not just one of the premiere electronics makers for hire, but that it also knows how to throw a party.

The company staged employee rallies in its factories across China in order to boost morale. Tens of thousands turned up and they seem to have had quite a good time. Some sported Spider-man outfits, while others chose Victorian dresses. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past several months, Foxconn has faced a spate of suicides in its Chinese plants and 13 workers took their own lives since the start of the year, hence morale boosters are probably a good idea. Let’s just hope nobody gets the idea to play George Carlin’s 'Life is Worth Losing' during the rallies.

Foxconn has also announced that it would remove safety nets installed at some of its dorms and campuses following the suicides. However, the nets will stay in place on several facilities, although it appears that Foxconn has finally realized that safety nets are something that’s supposed to be used on aircraft carriers rather than company buildings.

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