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Foxconn's "troubles" continue

by on06 August 2010

Why do they keep doing this
It appears that Foxconn got a taste of Murphy’s laws as yet another worker fell to his death yesterday. This time around, however, the suicide happened in Foxconn’s Kunshan factory rather than in already infamous Shenzen one.

The worker was a 22-year-old female identified as Miss Liu who has been working in the company’s Kunshan factory since the end of March. Her job was packaging plastic but it obviously did little to make her life better.

One would figure that a company would do anything and everything in order to protect its workers and lend an ear to their troubles. Instead, Foxconn went for a safety net in its factories, which would put some tyrants to shame with the level of heartlessness. Unfortunately, the aforementioned safety net failed to make a difference in this case, as the woman eventually died from injuries later.

Some mainstream media are apparently trying to keep the story down low, as it might hurt someone’s pile of cash, and let us remind you - piles of cash cannot heal. With this in mind, the cause of this suicide is cited as, wait for it – unknown.

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