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Microsoft announces InstaLoad technology

by on02 July 2010

People shall not worry about battery polarity
Yours truly likes technology advances as much as the next guy but the latest “technology” to come out of Microsoft seriously abuses the word.

InstaLoad, Microsoft’s latest tech, allows for magical placing batteries in any direction, regardless of polarity. It uses a patented contact design that isn’t expensive, won’t drain your batteries and will work with CR123, AA, AAA, C or D size batteries. Apparently, companies like Duracell are very interested in this “tech” and are looking to use it as soon as possible.

In the press release, Microsoft says you’ll never have to squint to see battery installation diagrams – a worthy achievement indeed. And many users will surely rejoice.

While some might argue that as of late, the industry has become far too centered on raking in dough to offer any actual life-changing and groundbreaking advances, we would just argue that this is hardly a technology. But we see the logic in this – it’s the same one that argues that if the wheel is the greatest invention of all time, then it’s only logical that a hubcap is the second in line.

You can find out more here.

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