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PS3 to get Hulu Plus before 360

by on30 June 2010

Surprising turn of events for Xbox owners
For the first time in a long time, Microsoft Xbox 360 owners will not be the first to get the latest content offerings for their console. In a surprising announcement today, Hulu announced the Hulu Plus subscription service with support for a variety of devices, ranging from Apple’s iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch to Internet-connected televisions to Blu-ray players and, of course, video gaming consoles.

The big news, however, is that the PlayStation 3 is listed as “coming soon,” and our sources tell us that it will likely arrive in the PlayStation late summer, but more likely early fall. Xbox 360 owners, on the other hand, will have to wait till sometime in 2011 for it to arrive on their console. This is despite whispers that a good majority of the software development for the Xbox 360 has already been completed and it is much closer than a 2011 release would seem to indicate. Sources have been mum as to why there has been a sudden direction shift toward the PlayStation 3, and no one seems to know why this decision was made.

Hulu has also partnered with Samsung and VIZIO besides their deals with Apple and Sony. As expected, the Hulu Plus service will be subscription-based and cost $9.99 per month; and from the way we understand it, at least initially it will be restricted to delivery within the U.S. Plus subscribers will also enjoy a quality enhancement, as shows will be streamed at 720p resolution when available rather than the regular 480p that is used for free content. It is expected that Plus subscribers will still be subject to commercials that are a part of the regular free Hulu content.
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