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It is possible to overheat a Valhalla

by on23 June 2010

Xbox Slim can apparently overheat, as well
So, Microsoft has ditched the red ring of death error in favor of a new single red light in the middle of the regular ring of light. Apparently, all is not well because it is possible to experience overheating of the new Xbox slim. According to our sources, the move that Valhalla brings to 45nm apparently does not assure the buyer of no overheating issues, despite its large vents and big heat sink.

A couple of very isolated reports suggest that during an overheating event, the new Xbox 360 slim (or Valhalla, if you will) will attempt to shut itself off to protect itself until it cools down. Of course, this is something that Microsoft should have been doing long ago. Still, since the reports are yet to be widespread we are doubtful that this is anything more than perhaps a one-off issue. It is something that we will want to keep an eye on for the time being.
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