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Adobe Flash Player 10.1 officially launches on Android platform

by on22 June 2010
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Over the past few months, debates have ensured about whether Adobe’s Flash Player technology was ever going to have a practical use in smartphones and tablet devices and whether or not the hardware standards for such devices would ever have long-term limitations for the standard.

As of today, Adobe is offering the final version of Flash Player 10.1 for smartphones, but there’s one small catch. It will only be available to Google Android 2.2 “Froyo” users, says Anup Murake, director of technology strategy at the company.  Since the new operating system’s announcement last month, smartphone manufacturers and wireless carriers have remained pretty silent about specific Froyo plans. A recent article by our friend JR Raphael at PC World was able to sum up the current state of Android 2.2 upgrade eligibility on Google-enabled smartphones.

The first device to be receiving Flash Player treatment is the Nexus One. In late May, a “very limited group” received an early copy of Froyo, and Google has ever since been working on finalizing the code for a widespread rollout to begin soon. Meanwhile, all of HTC’s flagship smartphones – the Droid Incredible, the Motorola Droid and the EVO 4G – will be receiving the Android 2.2 upgrade before the end of this year. If we were to put a guess on a release date, it would probably be in late Q3 or the middle of Q4 2010 to compete with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform launch.

“We may not see a huge number of these devices [capable of supporting Flash Player 10.1] on Tuesday, but the pipeline for Christmas, CES 2011 and Mobile World Congress next year is really exciting,” said Murake. The Android 2.2 software update to enable Flash Player support can be pushed out to users over the air or it can be made available in the Android Marketplace for download. Otherwise, it will be featured in new phones launching at towards the end of the year.

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